Introducing the new History of Interpretation blog


I want to begin this blog with a brief introductory post. First, a little about myself, Jeff Morrow, the main author of this blog. I teach Theology as my profession, and one of my many academic interests is the history of how the Bible has been, and continues to be, interpreted. I am especially interested in the history of modern biblical scholarship, from the 17th to 20th centuries, but this blog will be a bit broader in what it discusses. Part of my interest in this field originated in studying the history of how the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible (and it’s first five books, Genesis through Deuteronomy) has been interpreted by scholars. You can read more about me in the “About Author” page on this blog, or on my Seton Hall faculty page.

This blog will discuss the history of the Bible’s interpretation more broadly speaking, although there will be an emphasis on the 15th through 21st centuries (see the “About Blog” page on this blog). I plan on including posts from other scholars in the field. Most of them will probably be invited, but if you are a scholar (including graduate students) and are interested in contributing a post, contact me through my university e-mail which you can find on my faculty page. Part of the impetus for this blog was a post a friend of mine, a scholar of Political Science, shared on the need for more widely accessible scholarship on the internet, and academic blogging in particular.

Because of the many demands on my time, I make no promises as to my frequency of posts. I expect to showcase the work of various scholars, summarize some of my own work for a broader audience beyond the circle of specialists, post on upcoming events like conferences related to this theme, etc. My hope is for fruitful discussions on the topic of the history of biblical interpretation among scholars who disagree on a whole host of issues, and with interested intellectuals outside of this field who are interested in this topic.

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