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History of Interpretation is a blog devoted to the study of the history of biblical interpretation, particularly the history of modern biblical interpretation and the history of modern biblical scholarship. The term “modern” is here used very loosely, referring to the early modern (roughly 1400) through our contemporary period. The main goal of the blog is to provide posts concerning this growing field of scholarship for a broader interested audience beyond just specialists. The blog intends to feature posts that are both rigorous and accessible, scholarly but free of the standard jargon of specialists. One of the blog’s goals is also to bring together a diverse group of scholars from within this field, and so, the hope is to have guest bloggers representing various scholarly positions, coming from different religious traditions (e.g., Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox Christian traditions, as well as Jewish, Muslim, and other or even non-religious backgrounds), as well as from within different academic disciplines (e.g., Religious Studies/History of Religion/Comparative Religion, History, History of Ideas, Church History, Philosophy/History of Philosophy, Jewish Studies, Islamic Studies, Theology, Biblical Studies, Ancient Near Eastern Studies, Classics, etc.).


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